Department of social networks

The SMM-department exists from the moment of establishment of the "Rocket Firm", and it's, wait for it, eight full years of experience. Now there are seven in-house experts in department and two tens of freelance copywriters and editors writing on any subject.

The main specialist of Social Media Department — a SMM-specialist. In the "Rocket Firm" he executes an administrative role: orders articles from a copywriter, drawings at a designer, organizes shooting, publishes all this material, gives a boost, responds to comments, deletes spam, collects statistics. Besides, a strategist, a creator, an editor, a translator, a photographer and a motion designer are being connected to a SMM-project at different stages of work.

We agree about the vision, define KPI and make it.

We work with monthly intervals: during four weeks we are managing social networks, and at the end of the period we prepare and send a report with key indicators. Once in a few months we meet to discuss progress. Or more often if it is required.

Content plan
We agree with a client about project stylistics at the very beginning of work.
If we see that a plan does not work, hypotheses are not confirmed, then we adjust a direction of a content plan, change a type of articles, narrative style and design of posts.
All copywriters undergo selection and training, therefore misprints and curved publishing are kept to a minimum.

Pictures, photos, videosWe will conduct photoshoot of objects and people, draw own illustrations if our brand book and budget allow it. We'll make animation or shoot a video.
If "guides" of a client don't allow to be on the loose — our designers will create stylish branding for photos from a corporate stock.

Special ProjectsFor involvement of new subscribers and establishment of vivid communication with them, we will carry out a special project — one and only or the whole series of it.
For special projects we have own creative team and proved contractors.


For a better result, the team of social media works (or involves) some experts from adjacent departments. Thus, the team has access to niche expertise of Media Department, Creative Department and Department of Developers.

Bloggers, skillful target, platforms

Social networks "get tough on" — now posts are seen by only a small part of subscribers. It means that it is necessary to spend cash to advance even ordinary posts. Fortunately, SMM specialists of the "Rocket Firm" are able to adjust advertising so that a price of coverage and actions is low, and efficiency is high.

Our experts are able to get to agreement with bloggers and platforms, control fulfillment of their obligations. Coverage will be provided.

Talk is cheap

All written above we apply at work every day. Below is a list of some clients and tasks carried out for them:

Borjomi 2018

Scene modes and object photography for Instagram

Hyundai 2016

The provocative posts satirizing / preowned automobiles

Nivea 2018

Photos and videos for social networks

Special project of Nikon 2017

Shot a video and held a competition in social networks

Ayazbot 2018

Service of congratulations on the basis of written on Facebook

We shot adventures of cars in Charyn and the North Kazakhstan

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