Work standards

In the agency it is assumed to experiment, analyze solutions and to lay out the results for easy use in future. Therefor we developed internal website and have created standards of work. These is an experience in tangible view. Hereafter there are excerpts from the intranet library as headers. Active links are available only for active employees from Rocket firm, some of them are hidden as a commercial secret.

The agency

Rocketman code

Professional check-list

About open vacancies

Department of good deed

Why Rocket firm is a Rocket?

The spelling for agency naming

«Имею скафандр — готов путешествовать»

«Чужак в чужой стране»

Meeting organization and participation

The communication in the team, the rules for chatting



«Звездный десант»

The electronic sign

Professional conferences, training and other events

«Луна — суровая хозяйка»

Birthdays and other non-governmental events

The logo

Designers and copywriters

The designer growth

What designer can read and watch

Not a user, but human

The pictures exchange during the design sketches’ work process

The codes for conditions, understandable for humans


Preparation of design sketches for tech department

The principle of invariability of the concept

The “Rocket” logo in the footer of the sites

«Не убоюсь я зла»

Making Copyrights

Technical design, commercial graphics

What to read and watch for a copywriter

How to write the word “social network”

Creative description template

Format for writing phone numbers

Copywriter tools

Advertising and promotion

«Кот, проходящий сквозь стены»

Recommendations for a title and description

Call tracking from the web

Agent commission


The principles of technologist in Rocket Firm

The requirements for back-end development and support of the projects

The web-logo Rocket Firm

The analytics services codes

«Дети Мафусаила»

The web site optimization

For content-managers and technologists: the images’ weight optimization

The guidelines for front-end developers.

Inviolability of user data

Done — then check


«Гражданин Галактики»

«Дверь в лето»

«Пасынки вселенной»

Social media

The growth of social media specialist

The first rule for work on the project

The work regulations for smm-specialist

Eternal and holidays


The size of images for social media

Unicode characters


Manager’s growth

Work regulations for managers

Why “asap” management doesn’t work

Right questions

Work presentation

Working with comments

«Ракетный корабль „Галилей“»

Work with contractors

«Тоннель в небе»

Project check-list


The regularity of e-mails

The template of report letter

What should manager read?