Work in Rocket Firm

Фотки «Ракетной фирмы»

There are 45 professionals in the company, where 24 men and 21 women.

There are managing and creative director, copywriters, web developers, mobile programmers, front-end developers, designers, illustrators, smm-specialists, project managers, account managers, strategists, media-professionals, also an accountant, content-manager, office hostess, scrubwoman and a cat.

In order to be with us you should find suitable vacancy, submit the test work and wait for an answer.

The main

In work we appreciate the ability to clearly express the thoughts, thoughtfulness and commitment to the professional growth. Therefore, who used to wait decisions from the side will be kind of difficult. Wherein, there is understandable growth system, the standards and manuals are created and the colleagues are strong. Active people with brisk character have opportunity to grow professionally. 

We will not fit you, if you don’t have enough patience to rewrite decisions several times until they are acceptable. We will not fit you if you worked in chain agency or in corporation.

There are no open vacancies

We can suggest full-time, freelance and project work for different people with a range of specialties:


  • Graphic designer
  • Tech designer
  • Illustrator
  • Copywriter


  • Debugger
  • Front-end programmer
  • Back-end programmer
  • iOS, android-programmer
  • Tech writer


  • Kazakh language editor
  • Russian editor
  • Lawyer
  • Motion designer

If there is no suitable vacancy, but the desire to work is very strong, write about yourself and send to You can attach any additional materials which will tell about your skills better than standard CV.

Resettlement program

In Rocket Firm there are people from Rudny, Semey, Pavlodar, Petropavlovsk and Taraz. We help to move to Almaty from Kazakhstan regions. It needs to firstly work with us remotely and show your skills.