Advertising department

Even a good product will not sell itself — people have to learn about, define its advantage and buy it. Business will become complicated if the market is new and need is not formed yet, or a product has plenty of competitors, and there is no obvious difference. Or a product isn't so good.

The "Rocket Firm" team knows how to launch a product or service correctly and stand out from competitors. For this purpose, we will conduct a research and develop a strategy which will unite everything: analytics, positioning, "creative approach" and a plan of works for the year ahead. If serious shortcomings are found in a product, we will try to find a solution.

The real people whom we will bring by means of advertising will leave their contacts, make an order, purchase, register, make a call and download the application.


We prefer PPC tools — for this purpose we adjust analytics and control efficiency, make corrections on the course of activity of an advertising campaign. We consider not only such indicators of efficiency as CPC, CPM, we also work with CPL, CPA, CPO, CPS, CPI. If you know what these abbreviations mean — congratulations, we have a vacancy of a media manager, come to us for an interview.


Google ADs: Search, Gdn, Mobile, Video, Mobile App, Remarketing, G-mail, Youtube, remarketing, look-a-like

Yandex Direct: search, YAN, mobile advertising, advertising of mobile applications, retargeting

Social Media Advertising: VKontakte, Facebook ADs, Instagram

MyTarget: Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, My Space, services, search of

Statistics and analysis: Google Analytics, Yandex Metrics, SimilarWeb, Semrush, Zero,

Dispatcher of tags: Google Tag Manager

Schedulers of keywords: Google scheduler, Wordstat Yandex

Call tracking, programmatic advertising

Some projects

Advance of courses of "Nikon" photograohy, 2014−2018
A campaign for a photography school, result: 115 leads

Residential Complex of Bloom House, 2017
Filling of applications by advertising on Facebook, result: 359 leads

Bipack Trade In Partner, 2017
Recognition, result: 14483 transfers to the website

Lada Vesta, 2017
Filling of applications by advertising on Google, result: 2309 leads

Chevrolet Tracker, 2017
Filling of applications by advertising on Google, result: 1143 leads

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