Agile for startups

It often happens this way: there is a bright founder, a strong idea, a serious investor and managers, but there are no own designers and developers. And here's the choice — to gather own team and learn to operate them, or to address experts for development of the first version of a product.

In the long term, it is important for a technological startup to have own Development Department. But before the business scheme will prove its efficiency, and the company will begin moving towards self-sufficiency, it is more important for a founder to concentrate on sales, work with clients and partners and refine internal processes. We know about it as we have been developing startups for ourselves for more than eight years.

We are startups ourselves

The "Rocket Firm" has appeared as a startup — at the beginning of its existence we made up own couple of projects and became the agency afterwards, averagely we keep two technically difficult projects a year.

All services at once

Startup experience and agency competences allow us to cover almost all requirements of new business. We know how to carry out the analysis of the market, build up a strategy, draw a logo and a brand book, create a slogan, design and program a core of a system with a front part, a backend and API, develop a mobile application for two platforms. We know how to advance a product by virus advertising and some other more predictable tools.

It does not mean that the project will need everything at once — it is possible to start simple.

Prototype at first

Before putting a lot of money and time into a project, we recommend to make a minimum efficient product — MVP as a first version. It will help be convinced of interest of people in a product or service, find supporters of ideology of the company. Minimum time is spent on development as a project contains only major functions which relevance should be tested.

Then — agile

After a concept proved the right for existence in the form of MVP, a project will need active development. At this stage its future is still vague as vision of business and nuances of its work can change every day. In such conditions work on the project is conducted by an iterative method — by week intervals. At working time, the technical team implements only priority functions in this iteration.


Renting a team

For the project the permanent team consisting of designers and developers is reserved. If necessary, specialists of other departments can join the team.


Below is the list of startups on which we have worked as the project designers and developers. Work on some projects is still ongoing.

Electronic E·CAO, 2018

Service for interaction of residents of apartments and CAO. A logo, a slogan, a product page, mobile application, a backend, API.

Online sale of policies of insurance of BCI, 2018

Design, development and implementation of a system of sales of insurance, integration with the state systems. Website, API, mobile application.

Easyprint, 2013—2014

Service of printing of photos. Two versions of a website with a designer, a mobile application, API, activation into social networks.

KinoZavr, 2011 — 2013

A schedule of cinemas with database of movies. Two versions of the website, mobile application.

"Allo" Taxi, 2013

Design and development of a mobile application of service to order a taxi.

Froot, 2018

Plethora of technically sophisticated services with the united user database, acceptance of payments, prize drawing, a system of the Dutch Auction, own marketplace, a system of charge and management of internal points, a mobile application. We made API, an administrator panel, introduced a system of Multilanguage., 2012 — 2019

A logo and three versions of a project about Kazakhstani cinema. We developed a system of purchase of the movies protected by copyright., 2016

Internet radio with gamification. Design and development of a website, mobile applications and API.

Saleboom, 2016

A website and application of discount service.

Springfruit, 2013

Geosocial dating-service. We developed an application for two platforms, API.

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