E·КСК website

The minimalist interactive website tells about how service works and where it is possible to download the application. Introduction «floor» of the website shows useful effect of the service — task assignment to employees of KCK and assessment of results of work.

The homepage is on the laptop screen

On second «floor» of the homepage the list of household problems is shown with which the service of Electronic КСК will help to cope:

By pressing an icon, we show the corresponding screen of the application.

We showed the principle of work of service in a form of sequence of two steps:

"Set a task — receive a decision"

Statistics of service is automatically lined from the database. Visitors of the website check existence of their house in the base:

... and if there is no house of the visitor on the website in E·CAO service, we ask to leave an application request for linking it.

 The site perfectly adapts to any screen resolution.