Application of Electronic Cooperative of Apartment Owners

With electronic КСК residents don't need to call to a dispatcher's office or, which is even worse, go to a cooperative and write a complaint or an application request. Now, there is a mobile application for all of this.

In the application it is possible to leave an application request for repair of an entrance, cleaning of a house's adjoining territory, troubleshooting in water supply systems or heating, offer improvement and discuss it with other residents. There is, for example, an opportunity to report about a problem at an entrance and check the execution of a task.

Residents, at last, will be able to find contacts of the director of КСК and major employees. Besides, КСК publishes financial statements about which it is possible to learn on the screen of notifications (and by push notifications, of course). There is a section of remote meetings organized in the application to save time for meetings offline: collection and discussion of problems and offers are conducted on the special screen.

We designed four tens of screens with all possible states and programmed the application for two platforms — iOS and Android. A front part is made on React Native, and a server part — on Yii 2 PHP framework.

The application works in КСК of Astana, Uralsk, Kokshetau and Karaganda. Expansion is also planned for other cities of Kazakhstan.

The application is available for iPhones in the Appstore and for Androids in the Play-market.