Forte Business's Website

Forte Business — the division of Forte Bank focused on businessmen and corporations. The «Rocket Firm» made own website for the business division.

Main feature

We defined that the targeted audience of the website includes three types of users: an expert (most often it is an accountant), a middle-ranking manager and an owner of the company. Though at work these people carry out different tasks, the purpose of them all is one — to make the company better.

To help visitors of the website to get acquainted with the range of services and understand offered products, the homepage is made interactive — capacity of information adapts to a client, depending on a kind of activity.

An Accountant

An expert who is profoundly involved in details. The homepage is the longest, with a set of details.

A Chief

A busy employee, focus of his attention lays only for key headings. Page is of average length.

A Boss

He is always busy, but finds a couple of seconds to leave his phone number. The page is short, fits in the laptop screen.


A landing page for each service

We agreed at once to refuse classical internal pages consisting of some text paragraphs: on the one hand, nobody reads continuous bunches of a text, on the other hand— it is planned that each page is going to be used in advertising as a landing page, therefore has to look independent

We solved a problem having developed a flexible design system which allowed to shape pages separately, but keeping a united visual style.