Home Credit Bank website

Bank Home credit required a new website. For this the agency updated the structure organization, products’ presentation, page design and programming part of the website.

On the main page Bank products are demonstrated. The website visitors meet the credits and deposits and by using the vivid calculator estimate the payments.

On the main page — Bank products and the tile of promotion products

The calculators are aimed to help clients estimate the capabilities and choose the suitable credit conditions. For this reason, the calculator clearly demonstrates the relationship of the amount and period of the loan with the amount of monthly payments.

The list of Bank services for credits and deposits are demonstrated with vivid cards with short description, supplied with key differences and corporate illustrations.

On the service pages there is only necessary information: description, benefits, calculator for estimation and order form. Less than a minute is required to learn the conditions.

Page about credits

In the section for business-clients bank products for entrepreneurs are presented.

In the agency all website pages were created from the beginning.

Under the hood of the website there is a control system connected to Bank CRM. This allows sending service queries from the website visitors directly to the responsible managers.