Aibek’s story website

Aibek is a main character in advertising campaign for Home Credit Bank. There Aibek with his family meets difficulties, but the Bank helps to resolve them. On the web site “Aibek’s story” different life situations are described, which were overcame by the main hero.

The stories consist of 3 steps: problem identification, solution description and invitation to make use of corresponding Bank service.

Problem: could not save money for a vacation

Each step has a video with voiceover created by Bank team.

Solution: to open a deposit with a high interest rate

In order to help website visitors to solve problems and make them as Bank clients, in the end of each story there is a contact form.

Bank will call back

Each story is sponsored separately with a use of internet marketing. Thanks for it, visitors gets the page with exact interests. In the agency the goals were set in the Analytics system, in order to Bank specialist would be able to monitor visitors’ activities of the web site pages.