UI/UX-design of Lemonmarket app marketplace

We've designed an app for the farmer's marketplace, Lemonmarket.

In the Lemonmarket app, we bring together wholesale suppliers and buyers to buy and sell large batches of vegetables, fruits, and meat. To solve the client's problem, «Rocket Firm» carried out the research, built CJM, put together prototypes of a future application, and then created the design that comes in handy for field workers. The technical side of the project is handled by the customer.

Crafted for the field conditions

The majority of clients will be using the app not in a comfy office with artificial lights but in «the field» with a bright sun, and not even on the most powerful devices. We decided to reduce the potential discomfort by making the elements contrasty so that they could be seen better in sunlight and on poor-quality screens, and we made them large so that honest people's rough fingers could hit them.

The menus clearly show the range of products available in the marketplace:

Customer's flow scenario

In the current version of the app, the main scenario is to search for products of a certain type, select a lot, and place a purchase order. If the supplier can process the buyer's order, he approves the incoming request, and the system discloses contact information to both parties: an in-app chat and a contact phone number.

Item cards

КItem cards are labelled with an item rating and a price level, and the buyer can correlate the rating with the price to make a purchase decision.

Supplier's/seller's dashboard

We paid special attention to the supplier dashboard. Lemonmarket's interface neatly guides the vendor through all the screens needed to start trading.