Interface for Amadeus Tour agent account

Amadeus MyCRM is a system that helps medium-sized firms maintain a customer base and sell travel services. Amadeus representative office in Kazakhstan came with the task to update the system interface.

As the system existed for several years already, we got no easy task to redesign and update what can be updated without changing the work logic and basic algorithms of interaction with the users.

Main page of personal account welcomes tour agents with notifications and summary about the Company.

System is client focused – tour agents moderate the database of customers: consult them on data fulfillment and help them to arrange tickets.
There is a super-packed part of the site dedicated to work with the clients and all information is stored there: purchases, contacts, internal system events and tasks, related to the client.

Web-site has a special sales part for agency employees and management: a single canvas displays lists of completed and ongoing transactions. The management has the sales charts being created by a system, this helps them to keep up with business health.

Authorization screen has dynamic backgrounds and each tour agent can choose a picture matching his/her mood.

Rocket Firm developed the site on Nunjucks and SCSS with Gulp + Webpack build system. Front-end stack: HTML5 + CSS + jQuery.

Integration of all updates was performed by the Client under our supervision.