Pepsi: football on your own

The agency developed a comprehensive concept through several channels: promo website, social network and augmented reality offline.

Traditional interactive competitions (3d game, infinite graffiti wall and photo collage) were supplemented with the quest to find secret points in social networks. From time to time in Pepsi profiles images with marks appeared which could be scanned using the mobile app and the users got bonus points for that. The augmented glasses the participant could get by scanning the marks from advertising booklets, promo Pepsi bottles and even billboards.

Main page

The website headliner is a 3D game

Infinite graffiti wall created by campaign participants

Website results

  • 20 500 submitted graffiti works
  • 26 300 photo collages
  • 4 100 game participants
  • 80 000 registered users

Social media results

  • New followers in VK: 4 500, Facebook 1000
  • 11 900 of likes, comments and shares
  • 11,4% engagement rate