Learning photography with Nikon

Nikon representative agency in Kazakhstan opened photography Nikon school. In order to attract beginners the agency developed tutoring website where users learn basic knowledge about photography and SLRs, after each lesson they had to pass a test. Participants who successfully finish all lessons and pass the test with the best marks were rewarded with presents and certificates to study in Nikon School.

For attracting the public the agency launched several media campaigns: context advertising, google display network, advertising in facebook and vk and also seeding in regional public pages.

The main page

Interactive lessons' plan

The test of participants

About photo-school


  • Site visitors: 21 934 people
Average time online: 4:12
  • Registered users: 3 506
  • Conversion in registration: 16%

  • Inquiries for school: 74

  • Shares in social media: 1 666

  • Conversion to web site registration: 10,8%
  • The price per one registration: 328 tenge