Barista of the Year Costa Coffee

The task is to remind people about the branded chain of coffee houses by raffling prizes among coffee fans.

The aim was to pass the test about different coffee types and its' making methods. The test participants were trying to make a latte, flat white, ice cappuccino and mocha using the suggested ingredients following the right sequence of the well-known recipes.

Rocket Firm originated test, developed the web site and drew the illustrations.

The main page invites to pass the test. To become a participant it is necessary to choose a coffee drink

To win a prize the participant has to follow the steps to prepare at least one drink

The smiling barista on the web site can frown sometimes reacting on wrong answers.

Winking barista tells that the test was successfully passed. Now it is possible to share the results in social media. The friends who referred by the link would multiply the chances to win.

The existing programming structure from previous 2014 competition was updated and let the organizers to tune individual parameters and run detailed analytics.

The account