Website of Mega Shopping Mall

«MEGA» is a network of Shopping Malls. The «Rocket Firm» made a modern website uniting three MEGAs in two cities of Kazakhstan.

Each shopping center received its own big section on the website, and image-building information is published on the homepage.

On homepage — general information about Megas

Choice of a necessary MEGA is conducted in a form of bright visual teasers:

Two MEGAs are in Almaty, one is in Astana

The catalogue of operating boutiques, shops, cafes and entertaining establishments is functioning on the website; every one of them has its own page with detailed information.

In a catalogue — brief information about boutiques: business type, business hours, location
On a page of boutique — whatever is required

For each MEGA we drew and programmed live navigation charts:

Personal editorial office which publishes articles, reviews on boutiques, news and reports about events and actions, processes requests of users is functioning in Mega. On the new website everything is classified in special sections.


We developed a convenient administration panel for management of the large capacity of diverse information including processing of site customers' requirements. Now management of the website is available for one person! But if it is required to connect other editorial office employees to work, the administrator panel will allow it too — with the function of differentiation of access rights.