The «Efes Kazakhstan» Website

«Efes» is the biggest manufacturer of beer in Kazakhstan. The «Rocket Firm» created a new website for the company which looks fresh and fashionable, and it works significantly well.
The "Efes Kazakhstan" website is on the computer screen.

What's the concept?

We rolled up our sleeves to make the corporate website fascinating. For instance, we rejected a predictable square-cluster data submission on the homepage. Instead of square blocks traditional for websites of this type, an air screen with floating beer bottles will greet the visitors of the website. This looks tremendously in reality!

The most important data is on the main page: products, a story of production, an invitation to an excursion at the factory.

All right, and what's inside?

We managed to make interesting even those predictably boring corporate-level pages related to history of the company. For instance, we dexterously imposed some interesting facts in the form of notes in the margin.

A client carefully prepared a description of all products for potential partners to get acquainted with the full range.

Full catalogue of products

How does it look on small screens?

The website positively works on smartphones: all pages are designed so as to read the information easily on small screens. In particular, it refers to communication forms.