The website of organic products Algos

Algos produces organic vitamins and cosmetics. The company's products are based on vitamin rich micro-algae and rare anthracite raw materials.

We created a site for Algos products using only organic flowing shapes and subtle colors.These forms and colors were later used in the design of printed materials.

Online shop

We implemented a complex system of product distribution based on other cosmetics companies' types: we created an online shop with transaction processing, integrated warehouse inventory and synchronized it with offline shops in all countries and cities.



We developed a referral system which considers manager lines such as qualification, number of sales, earned points. We integrated support of many countries and currencies so that when choosing a new country the currency changes and the price of products is converted at the rate.


In addition to the website, we developed a CRM system that can send reports directly to Telegram messenger. We have also made a ticket system for processing requests from the website, a wallet for managers, a system of money withdrawal.

The website is equipped with photos of products, which we shot ourselves in Rocket Firm.