Rocket Firm 10 Years Anniversary NFT

Rocket Firm Group is the largest digital studio in Central Asia. Our company turned 10 years old, so we released an NFT coin collection for the anniversary.

The collection consists of two parts. The first part is the legendary coins dedicated to the founders and the Rocket Firm Group's mascot Cat Captain. The second part consists of 'metallic' coins in different colors. Along with the legendary coin, the buyer gets access to the contacts of the founders of the company and the right to request a consultation.

The coin collection is designed by the Rocket Firm Group designers.

Some important facts

  • We have 110 people working in 12 cities worldwide
  • Offline representatives in three cities of Kazakhstan (Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Rudny)
  • Released over 400 works, 200 of which are available in public on the website
  • For all time 500 people have been working here

In 10 years we have grown to a group of companies consisting of four divisions:

  • Rocket Firm (digital product development)
  • Holy Media (advertising and marketing)
  • Setochka (smm agency)
  • Magic Slide (solutions for pharmaceutical companies)

Why do you need these coins?

  • For investment. The collectible value of the coins will increase in the long run. Our company is constantly growing, entering new markets and experimenting with our own commercial digital products. We educate people and train specialists for the digital marketplace
  • For fun. You can touch our company by owning a digital piece of it
  • You can help develop new technologies on the digital market

The NFTs are available for purchase on