Concept of NSK Insurance logo

If we were asked what is most important in the redesign of the logo of a large insurance company, we would answer:

When redesigning the logo of an old well-known company, it is important not to lose the features of heredity and key brand identity. The logo requires not a radical change of concept, but an evolutionary development.

Old logo
Our vision for the new logo

Graphic part of the logo

We propose to remove the separately standing square and fill with meaning the most recognizable element, the waves. If they are combined with the text part of the logo, the brand recognition will be saved and a smile will appear as a bonus.

Text part

The main problem with abbreviated titles is the possibility of misreading. What language is the name of the NSC written in? Is it Cyrillic or Latin alphabet? The proper typeface will help to avoid problems.

 In our case typeface set has a Cyrillic letter K, which clearly indicates the Russian-speaking name.

The proposed logo looks great on most media. In all cases, the connection, and therefore recognizability with the old logo is preserved.