Naming and logotype for Hi! Trip service

Hi! Trip is a service for insuring tourists and those in business trips. Rocket Firm invented naming and created a logotype for the service.


Hi is a greeting. Trip is a reference to journeys. Hi! Trip focuses tourists on easygoing adventures, at the same time offering a peaceful work to people on a business trip.


The main destinations and languages have their own logotypes. Initial option of logotype is used in static (ex. for printing) and is represented by the first and last shot from animation. Language for greeting is English.

Secondary options illustrate popular world languages, every single option has individual design in lines and color palette. Color palette is based on well-known images about language mother-land.


According to stereotypes, Russia is a picturesque winter country. Cracking frost, snowdrifts, Baikal lake and fascinating churches.


Amber mountains, pagodas, Yinshan mountain range at sunset.


Blue peaks of the Alps, green hills of Burgundy, sparkling wine. France is a country of dreams!

We have developed ten versions of the logo for different languages in total. The logo style makes it easy to scale in the future and add new languages and countries.

Elements from the Corporate Brand book became a source for a pattern, which gives its own unique design to advertising materials. The Corporate identity is based on a two -part composition, where the country's landmark is in the foreground, and the corporate pattern is in the background:

Since most of the time the logo will exist in an interactive environment — on the site and in the mobile app, we have made it dynamic: it automatically changes to the logo of the country that the user is going to travel to.

Many thanks to Nicholas Coscosidi for your trust and assistance during our work on the project.