Naming and logotype for fin-tech app

One major bank after merging another smaller bank was facing a problem: two functionally identical but visually different mobile applications. Along with it both became out of date.

We have started with the idea on how we would resolve a problem if we were asked to invent a naming and a logotype for the integral application.

Cutting a long story short

We decided that we won't use the brand identity of the merged bank as it has no sense on its absence as an independent entity, even the site was closed. We took the name of «parent» bank as a basis. We consciously omitted the word «bank» as the mobile application was not supposed to be a bank interface but the financial service.

Typography and colours were updated in order to make the graphic part be on the same wavelength with progressive target audience.

What does it mean

We have democratised the name and now it is spelled with a small letter and with the new kazakh alphabet on latin.

В иконке сократилось количество деталей, но повысилась узнаваемость

New style has the potential of a complete brand guideline, which can be a basis for a bright, clean and modern image for advertising posters.

The case is created as an experiment, does not follow any commercial purposes and demonstrated only as an example of Rocket Firm team skills and capablities. Published images are not used anywhere but companie's portfolio on the site and social networks.