Icon concepts for Kolesa, Krisha and Market apps

Kolesa Group owns three largest classified services in Kazakhstan. In 2017 we worked on redesign of mobile application icons.

The client asked us to develop a new style of icons: in a single visual style, but with the same consistency.

App icons in 2017

"Market" in 2017 looked fresh and modern, but " Kolesa" and "Krisha" looked a bit old-school. The case was complicated by the fact that there was no correlation between the application icon and the website logo.

The first sketches

First of all, we decided to match the graphic images on icons with text logos. On the first sketches the logos stand in the center of the icon, and the graphic part - in the lower part of the icon. It was assumed that this option would be a transit one: it could provide a transition from the usual old icon to a completely new image.

Icons are tested on screenshots of real cases: on the home screen of a smartphone, in the app store and in search results.

The location of the graphic image at the bottom of the icon visually resembles the updated icons "Kolesa" and "Krisha" with "Market".


The second approach

It was decided not to rely on any of the existing icons and to draw everything from scratch. The main idea was to closely and visually combine the inscription and graphic image to emphasize the name and service meaning.

The strong bundle of a logo and a graphic image helps to create the recognizable color spot which is unequivocally defined on the home screen and in app store.



In the third iteration, the design team was refreshed and icons were created in a trendy flat style, this time without a text logo.

This style of icons illustrates the essence of services.


After the third option, the work on the task was stopped. The global redesign of the Kolesa Group icons at the moment of this article publication (December 2019) has not yet happened.

The research

While we worked, we invented and drew a few dozen metaphors and used different graphic techniques. Below is a part of sketches and layouts that have not passed the curatorship of the art director and the client: