NSK insurance website

NSK Insurance Company has been insuring people, business and cars for almost 20 years. In 2016 company required a new website.

Rocket firm projected a new web site to simplify the order of insurance and reduce the number of typical questions addressed to call-center operators.

Created from the scratch the system of calculations and ordering of the insurance allows clients to customize the insurance packages “for themselves”, to calculate the total cost and pay with a credit card online.

Incomplete calculations (when the client has entered his data but did not order) are stored on the site and displayed in a special window to allow customers to return to the purchase in the future.

The insurance products are divided in types and for convenience are equipped with thematic images.

The insurance for people

The new website simplifies the order of mandatory car insurance, the client just enters an individual identification number, after the calculator will show the price which will be automatically checked in the Unified insurance database.

Mandatory car insurance

NSK provides services for business insurance. Products of this type are shown in a separate section of the site.

Insurance for business

To learn the company’s history, to find out the biography of managers, to explore open vacancies is possible in the relevant section of the site.

About company

To unload the call center the Contacts section is equipped with answers to typical clients’ questions.


Thanks to adaptive layout the website works equally well on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.