Nikon. Do not cut back on memories

Last several years were not the most successful for the market of digital single-lens reflex cameras (DSLR). Buyers refuse to purchase them preferring smartphones instead.

Purpose. To tell about advantages of DSLR cameras in comparison with smartphones.
Task. To recruit subscribers of the «Nikon» profile for a competition.


For the solution of a task we thought up the concept «Do not cut back on memories» and shot the video in which a young married couple tells us about their own vital events.

The husband and the wife show photos in a traditional family genre: at the opening Bell, at the beach, at a family holiday. In all photos technical restrictions of smartphones are visible: automatic white-balance, insufficient photosensitivity, lack of a good optical zoom.

We created a scenario of the video, organized shooting, advanced and worked out a competition. Nikon's subscribers posted their own unsuccessful photos, among which winners were defined by a random number generator.


In total, 3 456 people participated in a competition. In Instagram (the main social network of a competition) 2 902 persons participated, in Facebook — 350, Vkontakte — 204.