Almaty Airport logo concept

Fresh as mountain air, atmospheric as a panorama of Talgar gorge, spacious as summer midday sky. The new logo of Almaty Airport promises adventure to its guests and reminds local residents of the beauty of the mountains.

The old logo has an outdated typography, sloppy lines, a strange shape of the plane.

We decided not to use the international code ALA because of its formality and lack of emotionality.  The ALA code would ruin the soulfulness of the city and the romance of travel.

In the beginning, we knew that we would use the symbol of the mountains. Mountains are what a traveler sees from the airplane window during a landing. The mountains are the last thing he sees when departing from Almaty airport.

The airport is physically located against a landscape of mountains. The takeoffs and landings take place with a view of the mountains. This feature is also reflected in the logo.

The mountains are a clear symbol, filled with emotions. For travelers, it symbolizes an emotion from visiting the sights, and for Almaty residents it is a symbol of their home.

Three peaks turn into a corporate pattern, which can be used in the design of advertising banners and documentation.

The logo looks good in a horizontal form and will look good in all necessary situations: on business cards, signs and badges.

The mountains crossed by the plane add dynamics to the logo and lyricism to the image.

A shortened version of the logo at the entrance


The work is created as an experiment, does not pursue commercial goals and is presented only as a sample of the capabilities of the "Rocket Firm" team.