Nikon discovers people

To demonstrate the Nikon cameras’ excellence, the agency came up with an idea to launch project “Nikon discovers people”. The followers from social networks were invited to check how much a photo can tell about a person.

Different professionals took part in the project such as florist, illustrator, aerophotogrammetrist and cardio surgeon. The heroes answered on several questions, were interviewed during recording and posed for portraits.

Once a week on official brand pages in social networks hero's photo was posted. The followers were suggested to guess the age, profession, character features and one additional detail about the person from the photo.

After teaser post the video interview was posted which opened the full hero story. The followers who guessed the hero’s story were rewarded.

Ivan Korepanov, florist:


Assol Sas, painter:



Alikhan, aerophotogrammetrist:



Roin Roinovich, surgeon:


Project results in facebook and Instagram

  • The reach 325 238 people
  • Video watched 35868 people
  • Number of comments 557