Nikon Big Instagram Quest

In order to show the importance of life impressions and highlight the Nikon cameras quality,  the Rocket firm launched the quest in instagram around 3 continents and 43 counties. The task for travelers was to visit suggested countries  and make a check-in there. During the game the participants had to select, the results of which effected on the speed and the Easter eggs gave chances to win the prize.

Live Quest: Asia • Europe • America (recommended to pass the quest in known environment through the instagram on the phone; find profile Nikon_kaz).


  • 3 continents, 43 countries
  • 15 scenario pages
  • 598 photos (profiles in instagram)
  • 98 banned profiles
  • The time for one continent 7 minutes

Campaing results

  • Participants: 393
  • Passed at least 1 stage: 174
  • Winners: 46
  • Comments: 50 481
  • Likes: 29 89