Five thousand kilometers on Outlander around Kazakhstan

In order to differentiate the materials in official page Mitsubishi in social networks, the agency’s fellow-workers had a 2 weeks trip across the Kazakhstan on Mitsubishi Outlander. The travelers left Almaty and visited Balkhash, Karaganda, Astana, Rudny, Kostanay, Kokshetau, Pavlodar and Aksy. The posts with a photo story were published once in two days during two and half weeks.

We had 2 cameras, 60 liters of fuel, 30 gb of music and audio books, and moreover the trunk was half-filled with useful staff

“Our travelers took a flashlight, SLR camera Nikon D5300, simple camera for a reserve, 2 laptops, 2 smartphones with offline maps, Nokia with endless battery, the wireless modem for internet, backpacks, several bags with food and drinks. Mitsubishi Outlander left Almaty on Tuesday, 30th of August at 6.00 in the morning. The first destination point was Balkhash”.

Passable road has started only on the 350 km from Almaty, next to Balkhash lake

“The road to Karaganda has passed insensibly — the road was good, the placatory surroundings without action. We uploaded the music on USB-drive, it helped us a lot.”

 “Apart Temirtay was remarkable- huge smoky factory, where the president Nursultan Nazarbaev started the career.”

The view of Temirtay

“After several dozens of kilometers from Astana to Kostanay the landscapes through the windows has changed notably, the difference from the South region became vivid — lots of trees and villages appeared. In Kostanay region vast fields of golden wheat extended, among which there are huge grain elevators.”

Kostanay region

“In Kostanay Outlander drove entirely after dark, so we didn’t stop and arrived to Rudny. Here the Mitsubishi had a break.”

The sunset in Kostanay

“In Rydny there is an iron ore deposit. The most city residents’ job is connected to city-forming enterprise. The city attractions are around mining theme. For example, a stele at the city entrance is in a form of bucket, and at the opposite entrance there are “hills” lots of kilometers. It is dumps, a solid storage, which is formed during the quarry excavation.”

Rydny city

“Half of the Kostanay-Kokshetau road is a holes, patches and open ground parts. There is no cars on the road. Seldom we met wagons and old cars from local villages. It was the most complicated and long part of the way, but we finally checked in Kokshetay, because we unlikely will be returned here again.”

Mitsubishi Outlander in the North Kazakhstan forests

“Aksy is an industrial city, which is famous for its ferroalloy plant. The pipes can be seen long before reaching the city. Here the Outlander will break camp for a few days and will make several visits to Pavlodar and other neighboring places.”

Aksy city

“On the way home we decided to take photos next to Balkhash, for this we drove to Priozersk, a closed military city. We made several shots on the coast and warmed up before the last dush to home way.”

The Balkhash beach in Priozersk

“The trip has lasted for 14 days. We came over 4911 kilometers and visited 9 cities. Outlander consumed 467 litres of 95th fuel. The average consumption was 9.5 litres per 100 kilometers.”