Charyn Canyon test drive

In order to demonstrate the Mitsubishi Pajerosport and Outlander benefits and possibilities we did an outdoor driving photo session in Charyn Canyon.

“This material is for so called 'travelers', for whom terms 'put the destination point in GPS' and 'occupy the winch' don’t make sense. At the same moment the spirit of adventures doesn’t let stay aside. Finally, we organized the test for 'all-time' travelers- like we are.”

“In the city Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is an impressive ship. You don’t drive it, you sail and watch haughtily at brisk tiny and low fuel consuming cars. On the highway and wild roads it becomes clear why the car model was created. Despite the height at the turns with high speed there was no heeling. It perfectly goes over any type of road coating.” 

“The strong suspension of Pajero Sport easily allowed to drive the last 40 kilometers at maximum speed 110 km/h until grounding. And on grounding to Charyn whithout any problem it was possible to hold 60-80 km/h.”

“The Outlander hold the road very well, you drive it with pleasure. On grounding it also showed itself from the best side: nothing was shacked and rattled. However we were afraid and to the canyon we drove down only on Pajero, where 6 people were easily settled. But it was in vain, the downhill was not so abrupt, and the pits could be got over on Outlander without problems”.

“And here it is majestic Charyn Canyon. The fancy congestion of sedimentary rocks reminds ancient city with its castles, dungeons and fantastic facilities. Specially, it is good at sunset, when the sun underlines the relief of red rocks and the grass starts to glow”.

“Of course, Pajero is perfect for trips for remote areas and expeditions. The Outlander is for cities, for rare trips out of town, to the village and picnics. But we coped with the task both in top five!”